Unlimited Revision Policy

Written by Motion Play Studio Team

Updated on Jan. 22, 2024

At Motion Play Studio, we believe in creating an exceptional and collaborative video production experience. Our Unlimited Revisions Policy is designed to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout the creative process. Here’s a breakdown of what this policy entails:


What does the unlimited revisions policy mean?

When we say unlimited revisions, we mean just that – we will revise each major deliverable of your animated video an unlimited number of times until you are absolutely thrilled with the result. This includes the script, storyboard, voice over (and auditions), soundtrack options, illustrations (and concept art), and the final animation. But if you request a change (or revision) that falls outside of our initially decided project scope, your revision request may require a budget increase.


Why do we offer unlimited revisions?

We understand that the creative process is dynamic, and your vision may evolve as the project unfolds. Offering unlimited revisions eliminates the need for additional charges, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients. Our competitive rates motivate our team to deliver outstanding work from the start, minimizing the need for excessive revisions.


Which assets does Motion Play Studio allow unlimited revisions?

Script: Get unlimited revisions on the script for your animated video. We’ll continue to refine it until you love every word. While most scripts are approved after 1-2 rounds of edits, we’re committed to accommodating your vision.

Storyboard: Just like the script, the storyboard is open to unlimited revisions. We’ll work with you until every frame aligns with your vision. Most storyboards are reviewed and approved within 1-2 rounds of edits.

VoiceOver: Auditioning voiceover talents is the first step. We’ll present multiple options, and you can request as many auditions as needed until we find the perfect fit. After selecting the artist, we offer unlimited revisions to the voiceover until it aligns seamlessly with your project. We may ask you to provide your rough voice-recording to let us know how you want voiceover artist to pronounce specific words or sentences. If you want us to change voiceover artists after selecting one. This may incur a budget increase.

Concept Art: After storyboarding, our design team present to you the concept art. Your feedback guides the refinement process, with unlimited revisions available until we capture the visual essence you desire (if your package doesn’t falls under premium you can only select from our range of templates or reference videos)

Illustrations: With the concept art approved, our illustration team uses it as a reference to create the remaining art. Simple revisions, like changing colors, are part of the unlimited package. However, major changes may require a discussion about budget adjustments.

Animation: Most revisions at this stage are related to motion design. While we offer unlimited revisions, substantial edits like adding scenes or changing visuals may necessitate a discussion about budget modifications.


How to send your revision notes for each asset:

We appreciate organized feedback to streamline the revision process. Please provide chronological feedback, specifying timestamps and details. This ensures a swift and effective implementation of your requests.


Good News!

Our streamlined production process and commitment to quality mean that we rarely need to discuss additional charges. As long as your project aligns with the initial guidelines, you should not expect budget increase requests. We aim to keep your project within scope while delivering exceptional results.



Premium Animation projects, hand-drawn frame-by-frame animations, rush delivery projects, and high-end 2D animations have specific revision limitations.
If a revision is overlooked or misunderstood, we will address it at no extra charge.
If we are at later stages of production (let’s say Illustration and Animation) and you want us to go back to the previous stages of production (let’s say scripting & Voiceover) and revise it, which was already approved by you. In such extreme cases, your revision request will require a budget increase.

Note: Not all projects include unlimited revisions. If you are unsure, contact your project manager for clarification.
At Motion Play Studio, our Unlimited Revisions Policy is crafted to enhance your experience, ensuring that your animated video reflects your vision and exceeds expectations. We look forward to embarking on this creative journey with you!